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I really like the focus (so far in this series) on zine archivists -- who can give an amazing meta-perspective on a particular subset of zines. "Holy Titclamps" was a great one -- wish I could page through my copies right now but I donated them to the U. of Iowa Libraries. I also miss my copies of Judy! — the interiors of which I see you can view via QZAP — what a terrific service. Thanks for bringing QZAP to my attention, and I'm grateful to Milo for this effort.

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Archivists are awesome! And yes, thought is very much: archivists will point in interesting directions and can see 'birds-eye view' of all of this—have two interviews recorded, one with a zine librarian and another who runs a zine archive for. the next few weeks! The University of Iowa visit is totally on my list eventually!

Yep, the QZAP scans are great as are Milo + the whole project. One part of the interview I cut out that I thought was super interesting was around getting permission for publishing stuff online—they're super stringent about permission now, but it's obviously a totally different endeavor to publish something to a handful of friends versus having it online for everyone to view (and sometimes, as I understand it, they'll publish stuff with just first names or anonymously because it's still of aesthetic interest, if the creator allows). Tons more apparently in their physical archives in Milwaukee!

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