ZINE MUNCH is a newsletter about how people and publications shape public discourse and culture.

Such a question necessarily raises many more: What does it mean to be embedded in subculture, and how do social dynamics shape (or produce) creative works? How are aesthetic movements and scenes canonized, how do they reach beyond their niche, and who decides who to celebrate or exclude? What is the past, present and future of the ‘zine,’ in all formulations?

I’ve long wanted to learn more; with ZINE MUNCH, I’m (irregularly) publishing interviews with the editors, writers, artists, scholars, and zealots central to the development and study of the ‘zine,’ broadly construed, as a form and medium, to do so. ZINE MUNCH is a zine about zines, a publication about publications.

You can read more in my “What is ZINE MUNCH” intro post.

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ZINE MUNCH is a newsletter about people and publications shaping public discourse and culture.


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